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Parents Talk 2022

This month we are talking with parents about what to do when their child “comes out”. It can be a worrying time for parents who are facing the issue of sexual and gender diversity for the first time. 

We will be covering different aspects like the many misconceptions that surround any mention of gay or transgender identities, and replace those myths with research and reliable data, including inclusive and affirming practices. Supportive parents are the first and most important step in raising children who are confident, and who are equipped to deal with the struggles that often face those who “don’t fit the mold”

This is the perfect time to ask those questions that are nagging at you. There is no such thing as a silly question, nor is there a question that is too sensitive. We live in a complicated and fickle society, so let’s give each other the room to breathe, to grow and to learn more together.

Contact us on 0826548635 to RSVP (for anyone in the Durban area.)

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