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about us

What is PFLAG?

“PFLAG” is an acronym for Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. It began when a mother marched in a Pride Parade in support of her gay son. Today, we still see a need for support and understanding, most importantly from parents, and we aim to support parents as they learn more and broaden their world view in their journey with their gay, lesbian, gender non-conforming, transgender or intersex child.

In South Africa, the name has changed from PFLAG to Same Love Toti. We are based in Amanzimtoti and serve the Durban and South Coast areas, but we also provide support vitually for those further afield.

What we do

What we do...

Parents are often worried when their child announces that they are gay (or transgender, or lesbian) We are here to provide peer-to-peer support for parents, and also to shine a light on the most common misconceptions around sexual and gender diversity. Parents are the most important people in any child’s life, and even more so in youth who are gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex or queer. Many youth fall into depression and sometimes commit suicide when there is lack of parental support, so our aim is to build a bridge between parent and child, foster healthy and loving relationships, and strengthen the family bond, while still affirming and accepting diversity in the individual.

Join us for our monthly meetings, where parents and LGBTI youth can meet in a safe space and learn more together. Email, WhatsApp or call us to talk and ask questions anonymously.

Allow us to speak in your schools, workplace and other group settings, to sensitise and educate all concerned via presentations, talks, debates, dialogues and raising awareness. This will dispel much of the homophobia or transphobia that is often encountered, and also curb bullying and violence aimed at sexual and gender diverse youth.

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Our Mission

The PFLAG Mission

Our vision is to see all people respected, valued and affirmed, including their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.

Our mission is to build a supportive foundation of loving families that are united with LGBTI youth, their parents and their allies, and to educate ourselves and our communities, and to speak up until all hearts and minds love, value and affirm LGBTI people as equal.

Our values:
We believe that love and respect is the responsibility of every human, and that gentleness and kindness is necessary for loving families to thrive, and for society to become truly inclusive of all people.

We believe that we all need to lead by example, and provide support to all those who are discriminated against, and to actively advocate to advance the human rights of gender and sexual minorities.

We believe that diversity should be celebrated, and that there is variation in all parts of nature, including sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. We commit ourselves to the task of listening, learning and engaging with diverse communities, to ensure that all experience dignity and inclusivity.

We believe that reliable information is the only way to combat misinformation and myths, and we commit to life-long learning, to empowering others and to consistently broaden our world-view to achieve a more inclusive and equitable society.

You can help us do our work

We are a global family, standing with the ones we love.

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